• XII DBMC (Volume III)




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12DBMC Proceedings

The third volume offers papers on the second part of Building Pathology vs. Durability, and includes cases of failure. In this same volume are provided papers on the themes of Asset and Maintenance Management and Durability of Materials, Systems and Components; in the former theme papers related to service life planning are given as are those on inspection routines and repair actions; in the later theme, mortars and cement based materials and that part on concrete materials (strength and durability) is given.

Vol. III

Theme 4 - Building Pathology VS. Durability -Cases of Failure

Theme 5 - Asset and Maintenance Management
Service Life Planning -Inspection Routines and Repair Actions -Theme 6 - The Durability of Materials, Systems and Components -Mortars and Cement Based Materials -Concrete (Strength and Durability)

FEUP Edições, 2011