• XII DBMC (Volume II)



XII DBMC (Volume II)

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The 12th International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components Proceedings.

Vol. II

The second volume presents papers focusing on the other two parts as relate to Service Life Prediction Methodologies, namely field studies and risk analysis; the subsequent themes in volume two include the Durability Approach for Historical and Old Buildings, that contains the durability of traditional materials and durability of refurbishment solutions, and the theme of Building Pathology vs. Durability, in which can be found methodologies of research.

Theme 2 - Service Life Prediction Methodologies
-Filed Studies -Risk Analysis

Theme 3 - The Durability Approach for Historical and Old Buildings
-Durability of Traditional Materials
-Durability of Refurbishment Solutions

Theme 4 - Building Pathology VS. Durability
-Methodologies of Research

FEUP Edições, 2011