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  • Vaso | Grande



Vaso | Grande

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  • Vaso | Grande

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For fresh herbs
Cotton cord controls water dosage

Product information
Herb pot large in white. People are spending an increasing amount of time preparing healthy, tasty meals. When you add fresh, healthy herbs such as basil, thyme, parsley and chives to your meals, it makes them even tastier. The hydro herb pots offer you the perfect opportunity to keep herbs nice and fresh in your own kitchen. This large size white herb pot looks pretty and its special hydro system will prevent your fresh herbs drying out. The herbs will take up the exact amount of water they need through a special hydro cotton cord. Another great practical feature of the herb pot is that its water reserve only needs to be re-filled once or twice a week. The medium size pot is suitable for small pots of fresh herbs from the supermarket. The standard size supermarket herb pots are more suitable for these large size herb pots. A peg with a cord is included with every herb pot and can also be ordered separately when the old one needs to be replaced. How's that for great durability!

Dimensions:L x W x H in millimetres:
210 x 135 x 145

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