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  • scopionewspaper, #3 July 2022



scopionewspaper, #3 July 2022

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  • scopionewspaper, #3 July 2022

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scopionewspaper, The Idea of Álvaro Siza: Ocean Swimming Pool by Mark Durden and João Leal
#3 July 2022 - Visual Spaces of Change

Porto, 2020
Visual Spaces of Change
Mark Durden and João Leal
ISBN 978-989-53640-2-2
40 pages

Mark Durden and João Leal in this series developed around Siza’s paradigmatic work, expand the comprehension of architecture, investigating photography’s ability as a unique form of expression, capable of creating an architectural promenade that moves between the real and the poetic. Their series calls the attention of the viewer to the important relationship of this architectural work to both Modernism and the specific demands of the territory of its implementation. This iconic work by Siza is an inescapable reference for understanding his architecture, in terms of the influence of Modernism and of architects such as Alvar Aalto and Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as the importance of the place and the brilliant synthesis of these factors and his unique contributions to the history of architecture.

scopionewspaper is an Architecture, Art and Image research publication with a special interest in photography as an instrument of inquiry and expression. scopionewspaper disseminates authors who use photography as an instrument to communicate in a critical, exploratory and innovative way diverse themes based upon a comprehensive understanding of architecture as a practice and discipline that integrates the dimensions of art, sociology, history, politics and construction. scopionewspaper has as its technological support for dissemination and communication, the scopio News Editorial area at scopio network platform.

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