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Liberal Porto

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A Guide to the Architecture, Sites and History of Porto

Through this guide, visitors will get to know Porto, a liberal city, par excellence.
It was in this city that revolutionary events decisive to the establishment of liberalism in Portugal were thought out and put into practice. It is here that the era of Invicta lives on through the historic, artistic, cultural and patrimonial memories of this city. It is here that a set of values and a way of life remain, making up the intangible legacy of the city, which is often entangled with its identity.
Along the four suggested routes, between streets and squares, sites and monuments, landscapes and art collections, the visitor is transported back to the 19th century and guided through a city that was the setting of war between two brothers, each representing and embracing different and incompatible beliefs on how to exercise royal power.
We welcome you to come and explore the history of the Portuense way of life!

ISBN: 978-84-09-19312-7
Autores: Francisco Ribeiro da Silva e outros (texto), Sérgio Jacques (fotografia)
Traduçao: Nora Murphy
Edição: Esencia del Lugar (Sérgio Jacques de Sousa)
Data de Lançamento: Março 2020
Idioma: Inglês
Nº de Páginas: 128
Dimensões: 117 x 165 x 9
Peso: 177 gramas
Encadernação: Capa Mole