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Around You

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...just the nearness of you

“I wanted to sculpt a young couple, finding romantic love - the butterflies and uncertainty, the chemistry and electricity - discovered when you’re in each other’s presence. I wanted the piece to be tender and intimate, elegant and quiet… Since the pose is derived from dance, I also wanted it to appear to have movement as you look at different angles.

“My challenge was to carve completely in the round, so that from every view, you have a different understanding… you see variations. There’s no correct way to position the piece.

“There are three touch points - their fingers on both hands, and the tops of their heads. I like this bit of connection… the tingly excitement and shared energy that comes from moments together with a new love.”

Name: Around You
Materials: resin
Measurements: 6.5”h (16,5 cm)
Sentiment: ...just the nearness of you

Care Instructions: Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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