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Angel Love

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So happy to love and be loved

“This piece was directly inspired by the model. A young girl who struck this pose that just captivated me. It was a gesture where her whole body communicated — not just her arms and her head, but her shoulders, back, and the way she shifted her weight — her whole being emanated happiness from within. So I tried to capture some of that — the happiness or inner contentment that comes from knowing you are truly loved. I wanted to give her an aura, so I made a lacy pierced metal crown, tiara, halo — whatever you want to call it — I think it makes her uniquely angelic.”
Susan Lordi

Name: Angel Love
Materials: resin, brass
Measurements: 5”h (13 cm)
Sentiment: So happy to love and be loved

Care Instructions: Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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