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Paper Toys | Ice Animals

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With the Ice Animals Paper Toys kit you can assemble 4 animals - a Penguin, a Reindeer, a Walrus and a Polar bear.
These paper toys are very special. You can move their heads!

This paper toy is printed and packed in 100% Recycled paper - completely Plastic Free, very easy to cut, resistant and eco-friendly. Each kit contains 7 sheets with 4 Ice Animals to assemble.
AGE 6+
LEVEL 4 (1-5)

All you need is scissors and glue.
Instructions included.

Scissors and glue.

Younger children may require the assistance of an adult to finish.
Only you can evaluate the skill level of your child.
Typically each toy may take up to an hour or more to complete.
Most of the paper toys require scoring, folding, cutting and gluing to assemble.

Your package will ship immediately upon receipt of payment. All orders will be sent by Priority Mail.
International shipping takes 2-10 business days, according to your area of the world.

Paper Toys - 9 to 11 cm high x 7 to 22 cm long

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