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  • CORK SHELL Red Bag
  • CORK SHELL Red Bag




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  • CORK SHELL Red Bag
  • CORK SHELL Red Bag

75 €

CORK SHELL Red Bag is one piece constructed with a zipper. It’s very light, flexible and made in cork. Can be stowed flat or rolled.


- Exterior in cork;
- Interior in Vegan microfiber
- 35cm x 20cm x 11cm
This bag is vegan approved by PETA®

Marita Moreno’s Vegan Line is 100% free from use of animals and animal cruelty. For this line we use materials like cork, malai, paper, pinatex, wood or microfiber. Due to being natural products, they may have slight changes in color tone.

Cork is a natural material, recyclable, sustainable and vegan, all the little pieces of cork are recycled multiple times - it is light, soft, flexible and easy to clean. We use cork from a Portuguese company, which has a natural forest and plantations of Cork Oak in Alentejo (south of Portugal). The Cork used by the brand is FSC certified.

Produced in a unique and ethical perspective way - using only Portuguese factories and handmade crafts to create its designs.

Designed and made in Portugal.

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